‘Uganda will buy censor machine to detect gays and jail them’ – Minister Simon Lokodo

Father Simon Lokodo, Minister of Ethics and Integrity in Uganda, who quit priesthood after being appointed minister in 2011 has said the government is working on ‘fresh tactics’ to tackle homosexuality. Lokodo told Uganda’s homophobic medium Red Pepper  that: ‘One of them is a censor gadget or machine. We are going to procure this machine and it will detect homos and porn actors especially those misusing applications like WhatsApp with sex acts. The South Koreans are programming it. And very soon we will ship it into the country and all the evil will be busted.The Koreans want only Shs2.6bn [$771,000/€690,000] and government is willing to spend it because it is worth it.”




Speaking about a school in Eastern Uganda, Lokodo said: ‘The headmaster there is recruiting all his students. A complaint is before me here indicating that this head teacher masturbates boys’ sperms and keeps them in test tubes. We are going to arrest him and the school will be closed immediately.” The homophobic minister  on the myth that anal sex means gay men have to wear diapers said, “Just yesterday a son of one of the richest Ugandans came here and confessed. The boy is wearing three pampers. His anus was shattered beyond repair. He cannot sit with ease. He is suffering and wallowing in pain. When the boy undressed before me, pus was oozing from his rear. Very many have come here denouncing the act. But of course I don’t offer blanket pardon. They must face the law because homosexuality is illegal here.”



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  1. Idiot, you can even build the gay detector! And you are wasting tax payers money.

    You had better go and start your test from the Roman Catholic Curia.

  2. *can’t even build the gay detector..

  3. Sadly, though, this naked emperor has the power to do great damage on top of the enormous damage Uganda already does to its homosexual citizens and other marginalized minorities just because they happen to be different. 😢 Shame!

  4. It makes you wish for ‘the old days’ of Colonialism. Instead of using technology to feed and educate their people, it’s more interested in finding out who is sleeping with who!! Pathetic!!!

  5. Clearly as stupid as the day is long…

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