“I don’t care being called gay” – S/African music star, AKA

AKA south africa

South African hip hop & pop star, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known by his stage name AKA is being attacked by homophobic trolls in response to a series of pictures posted on social media.The images, shared on Twitter over the weekend, show a shirtless man – said by some to be AKA – reportedly hugging another shirtless man in a bar or a club. There were also claims that the first man appears to only be wearing his underwear. “AKA is gay so are his fans,” tweeted one commentator.

Another said: “Trying to paint AKA as gay, so as to degrade him is actually pathetic… Homophobes never rest.”The 30-year-old music star has laughed off the photos, but didn’t confirm whether or not they are actually of him. He also made it clear that he doesn’t think that being called gay is an issue in the first place. In his tweet, AKA said, “I’m not bothered by being called ‘gay’… What I am bothered by is that you guys think Im so lit I would take my pants off in a club after a show. ”

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