Bisi Alimi: ‘I married my husband Anthony for us, not the bigger picture’


International gay rights activist Bisi Alimi quit bachelorhood in November 2016 when he married his lover Anthony Davis at a beautiful ceremony that held in London. Speaking for the first time on his marriage, Bisi Alimi spoke to KitoDiaries.Com about what it felt like getting married to the love of his life. When asked if he sees his wedding as a reference point for LGBT activism in Nigeria, Alimi said, “It feels good to hear my wedding being regarded as an LGBT “reference point”.


“However that was not the plan. I was marrying the man I love, and although we both knew our marriage was a political “fuck you” to our countries, the most important thing that day was two people in love getting married. My husband is from Australia, where same-sex marriage is a crime, but not the LGBT identity of behaviour. I am from a country where the identity is as much a crime as the behaviour and the “madness” of marriage.



“So we couldn’t deny the bigger picture, but we didn’t get married for the bigger picture; we got married for us. The reactions to the event have been mind-blowing and humbling. There were, of course, the hate messages and the incogerent arguments of marriage being “only between a man and a woman”. I will be stupid to think these bigots will not crawl out of their caves to have an opinion on other people’s happiness, but they are picking on the wrong candidate, because I am too strong for them.

“However I am not blind to the unintended consequences of their hate on closeted LGBT people on my Instagram and Twitter pages, bretheren who see these bigots ranting and throwing tantrums as if my marriage means the end of their lives. It is these people I am more concerned about. They are the reason I am strong, as I know my strength gives them hope.”

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