Anti-gay Nigerian 3-time governor, 3-time senator in sex scandal

bukar ibrahim sex scandal

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo

That’s what scandal brings. Everyone now thinks the senator is a demon. It was Saint Bukar who saw Yobe{a state in NorthEast Nigeria} in 2000, and saw Sodom and Gomorrah. He then took upon himself to curb his people’s sinfulness and bring them closer to God. He introduced Sharia. Skeptics called it political opportunism but it’s possible it was virtue, righteous anger. Now, everyone talks about Bukar like they would talk about a dissolute drunkard. Bukar is not a nonentity. He is a three- time senator, a three-time governor. He is a husband of three important wives. But now they call him a master of threesome. That’s what the devil causes.

Some of those heaping opprobrium on Bukar are only envious of his erotic prowess. They are young men who are under 40 yet have engines they can kick and start. Yet they will not acknowledge the virility of a 67-year-old Bukar. A friend who knows about ‘burantashi,’ Viagra and other aphrodisiacs confided in me that the man’s feat was probably not drug assisted. I agreed. He couldn’t have used those drugs, he doesn’t take alcohol. His political opponents are fantasizing about his downfall. Bukar is not a lily-livered Tiger Woods. Moreover, he doesn’t need anybody’s endorsement.

He is strong in Yobe politics. Anyone who understands modern politics should be conversant with the times. Times have changed. The Americans set the pace, we follow. Global best practices. Trump has altered the moral barometer. The standards have been lowered. Sorry women. Sex scandals no longer matter to the public, or damage politicians. Some prudish critics are put off by threesome. They say they would have condoned Bukar and only one prostitute. They say threesome is evil. Who are they to teach Bukar righteousness? Bukar is very religious. Adultery is sinful. And threesome may be debauchery. But Bukar is a trained quantity surveyor. They have to note that.

Some naïve feminists have suggested that Bukar has committed a matrimonial sacrilege. They think the shame and betrayal is unbearable. Well, Bukar is blessed with three loyal wives. He has a vacant position to fill, if he so chooses. It’s not impossible he was conducting an interview/audition. Yes, he was caught pants down. But he was not caught in the act. In any case, only men with one wife, like me, can be frightened by threats of divorce. The intellectuals amongst his opponents say Bukar is a blooming hypocrite. They say he is a religious chameleon . They say he is a modern day Pharisee. He mouths Sharia but wont submit to it.

There is no use singling the man out for victimization. Most of our respected politicians host nude parties for young university female students. Bukar was only caught. But even in his fallen state, Bukar has shown flashes of righteousness. He didn’t come raving, and denying the video like that Miss Anambra. It is true that his enemies had better evidence than Stephanie Otobo. But he could have employed the tactics patented by the COZA Bishop. After all, the video recording wasn’t conclusive. He is very religious too, he could have said he would wait for God to instruct him before he responds to the malicious accusation. It’s possible he confessed quickly to avert a meningitis epidemic in Yobe.


Bukar is a political ‘juggernaut.’ Those who recorded him took on the wrong man. They didn’t know he could choose to be shameless. They wanted to blackmail him, and strip him of millions of naira. He promptly told them to go to hell. Actually hell is where they may go for disrespecting their grandfather. He wasn’t as wimpish as Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’s husband. The brain surgeon had fallen for a nurse while his wife was coordinating the economy in Nigeria. The nurse and her boyfriend recorded several erotic proceedings that took place in his car near flower hedges in the hospital. They sent him copies of the movies. He paid and kept paying, but they kept coming back.


When he couldn’t stand the bleeding, he called his wife and called the FBI. The pirate, a Nigerian nurse, who was actually trained in a convent near Onitsha, has completed her time in prison. Bukar doesn’t mince words. He is proud he didn’t rape the girls. They may be his grand daughters, but they are not underage. He thinks those peddling the video and the story are meddlesome interlopers. He wonders how a private affair between three consenting adults has become the business of an idle public ravaged by economic recession. It is true Bukar now sounds like a gay rights activist. It is true Bukar has effectively abandoned ‘the world has decayed’ argument of religious fanatics.


It is true he is now right in the middle of gay rights activism’s‘ private affairs of consenting adults are nobody’s business’ catechism. You can disregard this duplicity as a minor incoherence. He is a distinguished sharia advocate, any day, any time. Our politics isn’t that refined. No one is principled. Some of his critics are really funny. They say the hotel room looked seedy and the girls, too cheap. These are unpatriotic hypocrites seeking to heat up the polity. If Bukar had gone for 500 dollar an hour Russia or American prostitutes, he would have been pummeled for not patronizing local materials.


If he had opted for Waldorf Astoria in New York for his adventures he would have been accused of wasting looted funds abroad. Bukar is a man of the people. It is true those girls may not be older than his grandchildren. But is he not a lot better than those who prefer 12 year old Egyptians? His real mistake is that he is not quite up to date with technology. The girls had told him they were using the phone to illuminate the room, and he believed. An ever trusting Bukar believed.

How would he have known that prostitutes are also interested in cleaning up a sick world like Yerima? But there is something particularly strange about Bukar’s case. The Nigerian society of prostitutes or any other trade union coordinating that enterprise must investigate those girls. Why would a prostitute blackmail a paying customer? Haven’t they brought the noble profession to disrepute? Every where you turn in Nigeria the quality of artisanry and craftsmanship has diminished. Professionalism has been thrown to the pigs. But I smell a rat. Why Bukar? It could be a witch hunt. Pathetic!

Editor’s Note: This op-ed was first published in VANGUARD NEWSPAPER

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